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Pushing Up The SkyPushing Up The Sky by Ralph Miller (March 28, 2012)

All of our thoughts, memories, intelligence and emotions form a nexus of awareness that we call ‘consciousness’. In fact, consciousness encompasses many other aspects. Each and every perception that we have has a unique relationship with other diverse areas of consciousness.

If you look at the vast relationships between differing aspects of our consciousness you quickly realize that there are a multitude of characteristics unique unto themselves. Each have divergent relationships with the other components of our awareness. In this way, consciousness can be likened to a crystal.

Our own individual crystals of consciousness transmit, receive, resonate and reflect energy/vibrations to and from other individuals, namely those that we harmonize with.

GratitudeGratitude by Ralph Miller (February 26, 2010)

I want to try to express the depth of my appreciation and thanks to those that have joined us in this project. I will do that with words and memories from my heart. But I want to first talk about what gratitude has come to mean for me.

The ancient alchemic symbol of the snake that is swallowing its own tail is called the Ouroboros. This symbol represents the cycles that are in our life as individuals and as a community.

IntentionIntention by Ralph Miller (June 27th, 2009)

Intention is something we take into the sacred moments of our life. It is the prayer that we offer with each breath we take. Real intentions are our will to act and do in a way that guides our souls through this universe. What should those intentions be? Can they lead us to contentment and peace?

To Live In A Better WayTo Live an a Better Way by Ralph Miller (June 11th, 2009)

The morality of the Inca cultures was a beautiful and simple approach to life: Do not steal, do not lie, do not be lazy. The guiding principal of the Inca would seem to be that living in a truthful way is better than living in a false way. We individually can develop higher consciousness within a path that is truthful.

The Black SwanThe Black Swan by Ralph Miller (December 12th, 2008)

The world is going to change in some fundamental way; you know things will change but you can’t put your finger on what the change would be. You just feel it. A great transformation will happen and the form it will take will be something we never anticipated. The concept of a black swan is a metaphor. It is reference to anything that is utterly improbable. It refers to events or things which are not predictable but at the same time feel inevitable.

2012 Revisited2012 Revisited by Ralph Miller (June 21st, 2008)

The December 21, 2012 date is a symbol that exists as an extraordinary irony. Any particular date is a man created marker denoting the concept of a point in time. I find this ironic since the great transition or evolution we may be approaching surely has to do with complete renovation of our time consciousness or even the eradication of time itself!

Emanant Ego CollapseEmanant Ego Collapse by Ralph Miller (September 22nd, 2007)

When we experience a big loss of control it makes us feel insecure and vulnerable. There is a letdown and perhaps we experience ourselves as being a little more genuinely human. Our collective ideas about ourselves form an assembly of self-importance or ego. This letdown is the collapse of those ideas. We are humbled.

2012 ProblemThe 2012 Problem by Ralph Miller (September 11th, 2006)

We live according to the structures of time, but we really have little understanding of what it actually is. There is a forgotten inner landscape wherein we can perceive our connection to everything. That reconnection will bring an end to time as we have known, and will forever change who we are as human beings.

Natural WorldThe Natural World by Ralph Miller (May 6th, 2006)

We are taught in school that human beings are the superior species in nature. The idea that we are superior is only an assumption that lies within our collective forgetfulness. In order to truly ‘remember who we are’, we must also come into harmony and balance with the world we live in.

DaVinci Code III: The Creator WithinDaVinci Code III: The Creator Within by Ralph Miller (July 13th, 2004)

The infinite source or connection to all that is, is within all of us. There is growing scientific evidence of this. There are ancient secrets that point to this. It is interesting that DaVinci very cleverly hid most of these mysteries. DaVinci wanted them to be discovered.

DaVinci Code II: The Mystery of the PyramidsDaVinci Code II: The Mystery of the Pyramids by Ralph Miller (January 1st, 2004)

There is a geometry hidden within the human body that reflects the geometry in everything else. The nature of reality itself seems to be holographic in design, each part containing clues that unlocks the puzzle to the whole of creation.

The DaVinci CodeThe DaVinci Code by Ralph Miller (November 24th, 2003)

It is tempting to believe that a secret and sacred geometry lies within our own physical bodies. There have been a number of attempts to uncover a perfect symmetry within DaVinci's work. So what is the hidden information within the sketch?