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Condé Nast TravelerMind–Altering Vacations: Ayahuasca in Brazil article published in Condé Nast Traveler (April 01st, 2009)

Heart of the Initiate, a U.S.-based organization, offers ayahuasca workshops at an eco-resort on the coast of Brazil, where the indigenous, religious, and ritual use of ayahuasca is protected by federal law. The workshops—either 8 or 17 days—begin with 2 days of decompression, followed by ayahuasca ceremonies every other day, led by an experienced shaman.

Now Magazine (Toronto)Brewed Awakening article published in Now Magazine (Toronto) (March 04th, 2009)

What seems to be happening is awareness on a quantum level not typically experienced in a person’s lifetime. Yet the experience for many is familiar and may be reminiscent of the earliest moments of our life when we first reached this world from a source that is somewhere else. The familiarity nurtures a confidence that we will ultimately return to a source we already know.

Four Corners MagazineAyahuasca: Nature's Teacher article by Ralph Miller published in Four Corners Magazine (August 1st, 2006)

Many people hope that humanity is at the very doorstep of an extraordinary shift. This 'shift' is really about the return of the feminine and healing is coming to humanity from nature; from mother-earth; from Gaia. Nature is working towards healing herself. Ayahuasca is nature's teacher.