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Podcast Radio Show #003

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42:42 minutes (29.10 MB)
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"This journey is about a curiosity and a bravery and a courage to go beyond yourself. To be able to look at something that you maybe never considered before."

Welcome back!

Listen to Ralph Miller and shaman Warinei Wanare talk about the journey with this sacred medicine; with live music recorded during the ayahuasca retreats in Brazil. This one is definitely not to miss!

Lectures by Ralph Miller and ayahuasca shaman Warinei Wanare (translated by his assistant Sara Ñusta).

Some of the people that we met during the March and June 2009 workshops offered to share their thoughts and feelings about their experiences at the workshop in Brazil. We felt the best way to help others considering this journey would be to hear from them directly. We included 10 minutes in their own words. Enjoy!

Podcast Radio Show #001

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53:06 minutes (24.33 MB)
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We are excited to offer the first episode of our podcast!

In this podcast, we invite you to listen to a lecture given by Ralph Miller on the sacred plant medicine Ayahuasca. Making the assumption that listeners know nothing about this ancient plant teacher, Ralph talks about what Ayahuasca is and tells the story of how it is moving out of the jungle and into the Western consciousness, helping humans create a bridge back to our ancient past, a reconnection to the sacred primal force within us all. In the process, he explains the distinction between what we call "drugs" and the Ayahuasca plant medicine. Ralph also touches on some of the biological and chemical aspects of our brain's inherent connection with the active ingredient in the Ayahuascsa brew, dimethytriptamine (DMT), through our pineal gland.

Throughout the podcast, Chapman pauses the lecture to clarify some questions that might come up for the listeners.

We are very happy to offer this new technology to everyone interested in our workshops.

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