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Dear Friends,

Thank you for visiting our website. I feel enormous gratitude for the hundreds of visitors from now over 50 countries, who have attended Heart of the Initiate workshops over the years and also to many of you who will join us in the future. Your heartfelt support is deeply appreciated!

We conduct experiential workshops in South America as a means of sharing in ancient shamanic ceremonies that were passed down from the grandfather teachers of the indigenous tribes there. We have included additional information about the shamanic traditions that we work with, photos of our staff and location, and details about this shamanic retreat.

Heart of the Initiate is a project that was started 14 years ago. It has been the meeting place for many international visitors coming to work with ancient shamanic ceremonies. We have worked for a decade now with the shaman Warinei Wanare and his assistants. Warinei uses several different traditions and forms of shamanic healing processes. He conducts his ceremonies in strict accordance with the oldest and most sacred traditions of ayahuasca shamanism passed to him by his elder teachers.

The ayahuasca ceremony is a sacred and transformative process. We have great admiration for the many experienced shamans across the planet that are now advancing very humble and traditional ceremonies with this sacred medicine. There is a remarkable waking up of human consciousness that is now happening!

The notion of indigenous medicines and secrets being accessible to those of us who live in the ‘modern’ world is a fairly recent development. Many references to the visions of indigenous grandfather shamans that occurred a few decades ago are spoken of as a time with the Eagle and the Condor will meet. More importantly than the emerging solidarity of the people of the North and South American tribes is the fact that the visions showed the grandfathers that their traditions and medicines were for all people everywhere.

This remarkable development occurred at roughly the same time among many tribes not only in South America, but also among many North American tribes such as the Hopi and the Lakota people. The retelling of this vision by Steven Larsen written in the forward of the book, Forest of Visions by Alex Polari de Alverga, wherein he describes a meeting in 1992 with a Quechua speaking shaman. The shaman relates the following in Spanish to him, translated to English here.

Exactly five hundred years had passed since the coming of the European conquerors to the New World, and an Incan prophecy was asking for fulfillment. The white men’s arrival had been prophesied before they ever set foot on this continent. The white brother, forgetful of many things, would enact awful cruelties on the native peoples during the first five hundred years. There would be disrespect of the most fundamental rules of the proper human relationship to the earth, and the resulting catastrophes would affect Pachamama, the Great Earth Mother.

But after five hundred years, a great turnabout would occur. The white brother would awaken, like a sleepwalker, from his violent trance. There would be an amazing healing that would affect the entire world, helping with the purging catastrophes that were coming. The spirit of the Condor (South America) was asking to dance with the Eagle (North America). From their flight would emerge great joy and brotherhood between the peoples of North and South America and a new understanding between the children of the white brother and of the traditional peoples. A new relationship between the earth and all of humanity would ensue.

If you are interested, please Contact Us and we will be in touch with you. We prefer close personal contact with each person who considers making this transformational journey.

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With enormous gratitude,

Ralph (signature)

Colombia Retreat

Welcome! We invite you to experience a powerful week of inner exploration and healing. We have organized a trip to Colombia for a small group of friends who wish to experience the deepest part of who they really are. We will learn directly from drinking ayahuasca medicine and participating in other shamanic traditions. This will be an intimate and profoundly deep experiential journey.

We will spend our time exploring and opening the subtle doorway through the heart energy. This is the path back to awakening your authentic self. As we work through our old, limiting patterns, we begin to heal and reclaim our lost personal power.

Since 2002, Ralph Miller has brought hundreds of people from 55 different countries to experience these sacred traditions. We continue to explore on our own personal journey and offer an approach that is friendly, safe and very personable. We maintain close personal communication with each participant during the entire process before, during and after the retreat.

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